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BANQUET   “And how was this one cooked?” The pompous-man said. “It was slowly roasted, stuffed with mozzarella and sun-blushed tomatoes,” Andrew said. Andrew hated these banquets. He hated the audience scoffing at the champagne and asking pointless questions about the food. If it didn’t give him a chance to showcase his talent and make some money he’d much prefer a fast-food place like “Chomp N Go”. “And this one...?” “This is a breast fillet with a balsamic dressing,” Andrew said. “And how old is the meat?” The pompous-man said. “Fourteen years,” Andrew said solemnly. “ Young and tender. ” The man guffawed into his sycophantic, chuckling audience – followed by an array of innuendos. Andrew felt a surge of disgust – he was a vegetarian himself. “And how long have you been doing this young man?” The pompous man asked. “Well, I started 10 years ago as an apprentice but once I was confident five years ago I managed to buy my own farm and prepare the meat myself,” Andre