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The Cost of Air

Everything was for sale.  Everything!  Charlie had to pay $2.00 every time he used his toilet and $3.00 when he entered his apartment.  That was how things had always been for Charlie, for everyone - that was life.  Charlie earned well, and he enjoyed shelling out on life’s necessities.  Scanning the bank pass just to pay $1.00 to sleep was frustrating.  It limited napping.  But it was fine for Charlie, he earned enough to pay for life.  Well, he did…  Then the summer recession hit and Charlie lost his job at the hospital.  Deep cuts - it cuts deep.  Once his job was gone - Charlie struggled to pay for anything. He had savings of course. Enough for him to pay the $2.50 eating charge (that’s not the cost of the food mind you, it was just the eating charge).  And there was enough to pay the 2 cents oxygen fee - the most important cost.  The cost we all broke our necks to pay.  But how long would the cash last?  His balance that summer was $40,500.00.  A healthy balance. Charlie can just

Mysteries of the Village Part 1 - The Perfect Wife [Audio Adaptation]

The Perfect Wife  This story is set in the village of Redbush, a strange place, with a strange past. Outsiders need help explaining why Redbush is so peculiar although many have tried. The story goes that the spirits of a Roman massacre, thousands of years ago, have persisted in corrupting the heart of this small English town.  But the town remains strange and elusive. This channel hopes to shed light on some of the strange goings-on in Redbush, Surrey and give you an insight into the resident’s psyche…  Welcome to Mysteries of the Village.  Andrea loved to cook for Robert, date night was her favourite night of the week, and Robert loved to be cooked for.  Andrea hit the local supermarket. She took the 4 by 4 today. It looked strange in the village, the biggest car in town, but after all - Andrea had the biggest house in town.  When Andrea walked into the shop, she felt like a million pounds. Her hair was tied up with a hairband, she had on her finest Chanel and she’d recently lost fif