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Being a film buff, you kind of see everything in real life as like a plot in a movie. You act it out because you want your life to resemble the movies. So, when I first met Jane it was exactly that… a plot in a movie. A cute romantic movie. I saw her outside the coffee shop. In fact, we accidentally bumped into each other and she spilled coffee down my shirt and then the awkward anger turned to romance and we were emailing each other long love letters every day. And I am reading them out with Bon-Jovi in the background. But like any movie, you need conflict. So, I was a jerk the first couple of dates and then she met somebody new at work but lo and behold, as I stood outside her front steps with a bouquet of roses and said those words; There’s nobody that ever made me feel the way you made me feel. She was back in my arms again, and it was like Jerry Maguire (you had me at hello) or When Harry Met Sally (when he lists all the things he loves about her). And we fell into each other’s ar

Tomahawk Steak

One of the best meats to cook is a Tomahawk steak. Still on the bone. The bone serving as a handle for the meat and then you can just scrape the meat off. This was what Jean was cooking in lieu of company arriving. She purchased the slab frozen initially. It was like 3kg stiff, hard and heavy. She had to defrost it for about six hours and then place it on the grill. Let the juices cook and keep turning it so the meat could get tender.  Delicious.  There was a knock at the door. It was Detective Reardon. He had his plain clothes on. He stood smoking a cigarette at her front door. Awful manners .  "Mrs. Parker?" Detective Reardon said.  "Please, please come in." Jean said.  Mr Reardon was ushered to the dining table. A glass of water already prepared along with the cutlery laid out. "I can't stay long." Reardon said.  "Oh nonsense." Jean said.  She put a plate down in front of him. Reardon was surprised. He never usually ate at these kinds o

Dictator 2.0

 Alex’s hand nonchalantly stroked the mousepad. The app was called DICTATOR 2.0. Alex looked at the people across his laptop screen, ambling through the virtual world like crazed ants. The status bar in the top right hand corner read “MEDIUM” with an orange glow. This was used to determine the revolutionary appetite of the people on screen. Medium wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t good. Time for a purge. ** “Mr. Torres.” A uniformed man said. “Yes?” Marcus said. Marcus was knee deep in his tomato plants. He had a mini shovel and his dungarees on. It was a warm summer’s day. He was annoyed to be bothered by a bureaucrat. “We have a warrant for you. Would you mind coming with us?” The man said. Marcus threw down the shovel and wiped the mud from his knees and followed the man to his car. Four other men sat in the car waiting for him. “I am sure this is a misunderstanding, sir.” Marcus said. “We have your name down on our list I am afraid.” The man said. “What list?” Marcus said. “Alex’s list.”