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The Empty Car

The Empty Car  Toni came out to the car and found it empty.  Rupert was just in the passenger side mere minutes before, and then she went into the store and then round the back to the bathroom - she got a coke and went for a piss.  He was just sitting there reading a book.  He had his headphones in and he was barely acknowledging her or the scenery around them and it started to grate on her.  Then she went into the store.  And then she came back and faced an empty car.  Completely empty.  Toni leaned through the window into the back seat and saw that there was nothing but the cheap upholstery of the 90s Audi. it stunk of leather and carpet.  She opened the boot. It seemed ludicrous that he’d even be in there and yet, she felt a crushing disappointment when the inevitability of an empty boot faced her.  She walked around the entire car four times. There were no footprints or any evidence that he was anywhere. That he’d even been there.  Even his book and headphones were gone.  She looke

Delighted to feature on Chilling Tales For Dark Nights once again