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YOLANDA The sweetness of Yolanda’s touch laid heavy on Kevin’s mind. When he was at work, he was away from her, but he could still smell the purity of that flowery scent stimulating to Kevin. He could feel her touch and it excited him. The lust high within him. That delicate soft, peachy warm touch as she ran her fingers up and down his back, his stomach, his legs, and his chest. Yolanda was beautiful and Kevin wanted to marry her. He loathed to be away from her. Days like today where he’s sitting in his cold office, sixteen train stops away from home and away from Yolanda and he knew fully well that he was working so hard and so much just to pay for their wedding because he wanted Yolanda all to himself. He made a few phone calls and tried to focus on spreadsheets and audits. But his mind went back to Yolanda. How he loved her. He thought about how she felt when his body was closed to hers. The tightness of stomach, the fleshy imprint of her thighs, those soft red lips like tw