07/07/20 – 21:29

Dear Jeff,

Guess who? Yes. It’s me Rose.

I know you kind of said about not emailing you ever again (God you’re so dramatic!) but I really just want to get some final closure and talk about things a bit more. Firstly; I never got closure from you after what happened between us. I know it is complicated because of your relationship now with Siobhan and what we have been through in the courts. I know! I know!

I just want you to know one thing. I still think about you. I still love you. I still dream about you and your milky body flowing between my lips. That strong chin, those brave and courageous eyes. The way you used to hold me firmly in your bear like paws and kiss me hard.

I am sorry for what happened and that you thought I came on too strong during our two months together and when we first started dating and maybe I was a bit needy and came across as insecure; and I did message you incessantly. But you have to understand Jeff that I am insecure and this came from my childhood and what I shared with you that I never told anybody before.

I was really hurt when you decided to end things with me. Which you of course know; because you got the messages and you saw me turning up outside your house at different hours of the day. And you had to go running to those FUCKING COURTS and get that FUCKING RESTRAINING ORDER against me. But I forgive you Jeff. Really I deeply forgive you. I just want to go back to the way things were before.

Remember Jeff? Remember the times when you’d wait outside my work for me with that cheeky smile holding an umbrella and tightly grasping my hand all the way home. I want to feel you inside of me again Jeff. I want you inside of me forever.

Anyway – I think this is all I have to say now. I am trying to keep my messages to you to a 500 word minimum now :) I know some of the lengthy texts I sent were maybe a bit long. And I am trying out new ways of communication after you blocked me on WhatsApp, changed your forwarding postal address and changed your mobile number.

And guess where I am sending this email from? Siobhan’s house! That’s right. I’m sitting on Siobhan’s iPad, in her house, emailing you. She has one of those fingerprint passcode setups. Which isn’t a problem when you have Siobhan’s fingers HAHAHAHAHA

I LOVE YOU JEFF. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. There I said it. The law can’t stop our love.

There’s a place in heaven for you and I,

A place where we make the angels wonder why,

You had to ruin our love with litigation and court,

But love will conquer – in every thought and fought.

Rose x 

Please see the attachment enclosed. 

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